Experience Vox@ our new Audio over IP Solution
Posted by Marko Bertrand on 28 October 2020 09:08 AM

Vox@ is an audio over IP terminal solution, capable to use the existing IP network and to  cross routers easily as the standard network or internet for transmission, intercom and monitoring.

By using standard network and PoE technology, you will simplify the installation, monitoring, maintenance and provide a solution to answer to a lot of applications.

Vox@ offers a wide range of IP products allowing you to broadcast and manage messages and audio streams easily.

The remarkable features include priority management, backup management, event management, built-in scheduler, volume control, acoustic echo cancellation, noise reduction, paging intercom, music streaming, routing, logic control, monitoring etc... In addition, Vox@ can be programmed and driven thanks to a dedicated API (VNB framework) and is part of the Vox@Net ecosystem.

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